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Eat in or take away

Eyeball Prints is a fridge for eye-attractive stuff like images, videos, audio visuals, etc…that come across and they’re worth to store at hand to consume at the spot or later in company. Creativity, innovation, visual effects or good laugh prints…Interested in the content and wanting to get familiar with the names behind the scene.

If you’re feeling peckish but is too late for lunch and too soon for dinner, have a snack. Healthy fat-free visual bites that will get you through boredom moments!

Check Images for a quickie or go to Videos for a longer experience.

This Week’s Menu

Suitable for vegetarians. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

– Some create and some others just contemplate, enjoy, spread the word and why not, promote for free which is the least we can do after ingesting other people´s works. – 

Giant eyeball in apartment room